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Who We Are

TRS is a leading provider of artificial turf removal equipment. The set of easy to use equipment, efficiently slices and rolls the turf carpet, and extracts the infill. The process makes field replacement an easy process for architects, contractors, and field owners and is easy on the base or underlying shock pad. The equipment includes a self-propelled drive unit, called the Wrangler™ and two attachments for reclaiming the field. The Viper™ attachment slices the turf into manageable 45” strips. Each strip is then tightly rolled using a second attachment called the Winder™. These rolls can then be easily loaded onto trucks for transport.

Process & Equipment Sold

When Turf Reclamation Solutions designed our field removal equipment, we considered the entire reclamation process: from over the road equipment transport and site access, to footprint weight on the field/track, to operating speed, efficiency and flexibility, and finally to disposition of the reclaimed materials.


WRANGLER® Powered Base Unit

The Wrangler (shown left with Viper attachment) is a self-contained drive unit that provides easy pick-up and release of attachments, maneuverability, and versatility. With a dependable 31 hp Kubota engine, it provides ample strength and speed for even the biggest jobs.


VIPER® Turf Slicer

The Viper, attached to the Wrangler, is the first step in the process and is in charge of slicing the turf. The Viper uses its pointed spears (rounded spears are optional for fields with a shock pad) to pierce and then quickly lift the turf to begin cutting it into 45” strips. With minimal disruption to the base and shock pad, the twin diamond-tipped blades spinning at 1,400 RPM smoothly slice through the turf. Once a strip is successfully sliced, the turf is ready for infill extraction using the Rattlesnake or can be wound up by using. See the Viper in action


RATTLESNAKE® Infill Separator

The Rattlesnake is a highly specialized, self-contained infill extraction machine. Once the turf is cut into 45” strips (using the Wrangler with Viper attachment), they’re ready for infill extraction. The strips are fed up the front conveyor, capable of handling varying thicknesses of turf. The Rattlesnake mechanically separates in excess of 95% of the infill even from very wet turf. The turf is then returned to the ground (protecting the gravel base and/or pad) while the infill is conveyed up a closed auger and directly into a supersack, creating minimal dust. An internal magnet collects the ferrous materials from the infill. The winding and removal of the empty turf (using the Wrangler with Winder attachment) completes the process. See the Rattlesnake in action


WINDER™ Turf Roller

The Winder, attached to the Wrangler, is the last step in the process and tasked with rolling the turf into tight bundles. Following the extraction step performed by the Rattlesnake, the Winder rapidly winds the 45” turf strips into transportable rolls. If the infill extraction step is not required, the Winder can still perform its duty by effectively rolling turf that still includes the infill. Upon completion of this final step, the rolls can easily be loaded onto flatbeds for transport to the recycling facility. See the Winder in action

Watch our Process & Equipment in Action


TRS removal equipment and techniques have been utilized by turf contractors throughout the United States on projects of all sizes. The Motz Group, a world-renowned field builder, was instrumental in developing the equipment and processes, leveraging their 40+ years of natural and synthetic field building experience. TRS and The Motz Group are both owned and operated by parent company, The Motz Corporation. The Motz Group has used the TRS removal process and accessories at synthetic turf projects of all levels, including collegiate, professional and high school facilities.

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